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External competitions to enter

The Chilterns Association Of Camera Clubs comprises 51 affiliated clubs in the Chilterns and North-West London. They arrange the Annual Rosebowl Competition (see below), an inter-club for projected images, and the Inter-Club Print Championship, as well as the Chiltern Hundreds Members Exhibition, and the Audio Visual Trophy. There is also a Best Panel of Prints inter club competition, which is exhibited at the Rosebowl Finals. Dates of these events can be found on the CACC website Events Calendar link: Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs The CACC maintains a list of Judges and lectures for members clubs to use.

The Rosebowl is an Inter-club Projected image competition run by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC). There are three rounds, held between November and February, followed by a Final in April. In each round we meet three (occasionally only two) other clubs, different clubs in each round (and each year). Images are scored out of 20. The winning club in each round is awarded 5 points, the runner-up 3 points, third place 2 points, and forth place 1 point. The points for the 3 rounds are added together for each club to determine which clubs go forward to the Finals (usually over 11 points will be enough). In each round the judge will award 'Stars' to two of the highest scoring images, and the number of these stars each club has are used as a tie-breaker in determining entry to the Finals. From this year the Rosebowl League placing will also be used to determine which clubs go forward to represent the CACC at the Annual PAGB Inter-club Projected Image Championship at Warwick (which includes clubs from all the Federations across the UK).

North West Fed The Federation of North-West London Camera Clubs has twelve member clubs and runs an annual competition. The competition is divided into 4 pools of three clubs, drawn randomly each year, and there are 3 rounds between the three clubs in each pool. Each club enters 5 (or 6 in the first round) prints and 5 (or 6 in the first round) projected images into each round, totalling 16 prints and 16 PDIs in all. Images are marked out of 20, and the judge awards 'stars' to 2 prints and 2 PDIs in each round. The starred images go forward to Best Print and Best PDI competitions at the NWFed Finals, even if the club doesn't reach the finals. Total scores for each club in each round are added together to determine the overall winner. The winners of each of the 4 pools go forward to a semi-final in January, in which 9 prints and 9 PDIs from the original 16 are entered. The winners of the semi-finals then meet in the Final in February.

Bracknell Nine Club Projected Competition A projected image competition hosted each year by Bracknell CC, who invite 8 other clubs to enter 6 images each. The judge marks out of 10 (unlike most competitions we enter), and there is a trophy for the club with the highest total marks. Most of the invited clubs are from outside the Chilterns area, so it is a good opportunity to see a wider variety of work.

Five Clubs Competition A projected image competition involving 5 local clubs, including ourselves. Each club enters 10 images, and the judge marks out of 20. Hosting of the competition rotates between the five clubs. We will be hosting it in 2013.

St. Albans 8-way Print Battle (previously this competition alternated between prints and slides, but now is always prints) A print competition hosted by St Albans PS each year, who invite 7 other clubs to enter 8 prints each. Prints are marked out of 20, and there is a certificate awarded for best print as well as for the winning club. The winning club receives a cake, so we really enjoy winning this competition!

Guildhall Print Battle Our own print competition, originally held in Wycombe Guildhall, hence the name. We invite 8 clubs to enter 6 prints each. Prints are marked out of 20, and a trophy is awarded to the winning club, and a certificate for the best print of the evening.

Park Street Landscape Competition
Is a projected image competition run by Park Street Camera Club. The subject of the competition is Landscape, which they define as:
“A landscape image should be an image that has as its subject an extensive outdoor scene of land, sea, sky or city with no requirement that land as such be the largest component. It may include individual items of interest like persons, trees, buildings but not if they dominate the image”
Nine or ten clubs take part each year, entering seven images. Six are judged and the seventh is reserved as a tie-breaker. A trophy is awarded to the winning club and for the best image.


Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year

This prestigious competition with winning entries displayed each year at the Natural History Museums in both London and Tring. For this years competition - 2015 -. Visit their website for details.

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Entry submission commences from February 2015 with overall prize money of £20,000. Closing date is 2 June. This relatively new competition is now in its forth year. Amongst the judges this year will be Andy Rouse, and Greg Armfield who is photography manager at WWF. Visit their website for details.

The Royal Horticultural Society Garden Photographer

This year competition is available to view. Visit their website for details.

Trierenberg Super Circuit

The largest annual international competition is open for entries. Based in Hasselblad, Austria you don't need a Hassleblad to enter. Open to both amateur and professional photographers. Visit their website for 2015 details.

Environmental Photographer of the Year

The 2015 competition for amateur and professionals has been announced. This competition has many different categories and a well known judging panel. Visit their website for details of the 2015 competition.

2015 International Travel Photographer of the Year

Open to Amateur & Professionals alike with a number of various categories. Visit their website for details

Scottish Nature Photographic Awards 2015

2013 competition closes in November 2015. Please see their website

RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2015

Currently awaiting details for the 2015 competition. This competition is for photographers Aged 18 or under,. Click here for further details.