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Guildhall Print Battle

The Guildhall Cup


Results 2020

Due to the pandamic this years print battle was an online projected image battle
Won by Amersham Photographic Society with 117 points
2nd Wycombe Photographronic Society with 112
3rd Maidenhead Club with 111
4th Harrow Camera Club with 108
=5th Marlow Camera Club with 105
=5th St. Albans Camera Club with 105
7th Woodley Photographic Club with 104
8th Princes Risborough Photographic Society with 102


Results 2019

Won by Amersham Photographic Society with 117 points
2nd Princes Risborough Photographic Society with 109
3rd Woodley Photographic Club with 108
4th Maidenhead Camera Club with 106
5th Wycombe Photographic Society with 105
6th St. Albans & District Photographic Society with 105
=7th Harrow Camera Club with 101
=7th Marlow Club with 101

Results 2018

Won by Amersham Photographic Society with 112 points
2nd Wycombe Photographic Society with 108
3rd Maidenhead Camera Club with 105
4th Princes Risborough Photographic Society with 103
5th Harrow Camera Club with 102
6th Woodley Photographic Club with 100
7th Marlow Club with 97
Hilary Pickersgill scored a 20 with Roundway Trees #1


Results 2017

Won by Wycombe with 114 points
2nd Amersham with 112
3rd Princes Risborough 108
4th Marlow with 106
=5th St Albans with 105
=5th Maidenhead with 105
7th Woodley with 102

Results 2016

Won by Wycombe with 116 points
2nd Maidenhead with 111
3rd Harrow with 109
4th Princes Risborough 108
5th Amersham with 107
6th Woodley with 102
7th Marlow with 101
8th St Albans with 99

Results 2015

Won by Amersham with 108 points
2nd Maidenhead with 106
3rd Princed Risborough with 104
4th Wycombe with 103
=5th Harrow, Woodley and St Albans with 102
8th Marlow with 100

Results 2014

Won by Amersham with 116 points
2nd Wycombe with 111
3rd St Albans with 110
4th Princes Risborough with 109
=5th Harrow and Woodley with 107
=7th Marlow and Maidenhead with 105

Results 2013

Won by Maidenhead with 110 points
2nd Amersham with 110
= 3rd St Albans with 109
= 3rd Marlow with 109
5th Wycombe with 108

Results 2012

Won by Harrow with 111 points
2nd Princes Risborough with 110
3rd Amersham with 109
We came 7th with 104