Park Street
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Park Street Landscape Competition

Results 2019

Watford CC won with 108 points
Wycombe PS =2nd with 107 points
Harpenden PS =2nd with 107 points

Congratulations to Watford CC

Congratulations to Jan Harris who scored 20 with 'Amroth Dawn' and 19 with 'Cuckmere Evening', and Teresa Hehir who scored 18 with 'Past the House' and David Harris who scored 19 with 'Scaleber Foss'.



Results 2017

Park Street won with 108 points
Northfields =2nd with 107
Potters Bar=2nd with 107
Wycombe =4th with 103
Watford = 4th with 103

Congratulations to Park Street on their clean sweep!
Congratulations to David Harris who scored 20 with 'Utakleiv', and Carole Palmer who scored 18 with 'Lines of Lavender'.

Results 2016

Wycombe won with 108 points
Watford 2nd with 107
Park Street =3rd with 106
Northfields =3rd with 106

Our scores were: Skagsanden Aurora David Harris 17, Kimmeridge View at Dusk Claire Williams 17, Shadow On The Dunes Pat Begley 18, Rainbow Over Taransay Jan Harris 18, Pastel Dawn David Harris 20, Emerald Pool Jan Harris 18

Results 2015

Park Street won with 105 points
Potters Bar 2nd with 104
Harrow 3rd with 103
Wycombe 4th with 102

Results 2014

Harrow won with 111 points
WPS 2nd with 109
Park Street 3rd with 107

Results 2013

XRR won with 109 points
WPS 2nd with 105
(Northern Lights by Carole Palmer and Newgale Reflection by David Harris both scored 20)
Potter's Bar 3rd with 104

Results 2012

Harpenden won with 124 points
WPS 2nd with 119
Barnet & Finchley 3rd with 118