St Albans
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St Albans 9 Club Print Battle

Results 2019

Watford 151
Wycombe 148
Vivien Brelsford scored 20 with 'I Don't Need Much'
Carole Palmer scored 19 with 'Ghost Town Hospital Corridor' as did Allan Marshall with 'The Stairs' and Jan Harris with 'Misty Calm'


Results 2018

Watford 135
New City 130
Wycombe 128
Hertford 128
20 and Best Print for David Harris with 'Elemental Storm'

Results 2017

We (WPS) won by a Photo Finish - The 'Trophy' is a cake
At St Albans the scoring was very tight. We were neck and neck with Watford CC all the way through the contest, with never more than 2 points seperating the two clubs at any time. As it came to the last print from each club we were tied - and both prints scored 19! So the number of 20s for the two clubs was counted - we both had three 20s!
The judge was asked to look again at the 20s from each club, and to decode the winning club from which set of three he preferred. It was very tense, considering what was at stake...
And the judge made the right decision. By a whisker Wycombe were declared the winners!
20's for Teresa Hehir 'The Stare', Allan Marshall 'Daniella' and Deena Theaker 'Water Splash'

Results 2016

We (WPS) won by 1 points - The 'Trophy' is a cake
Wycombe 125
St Albans 124
New City 124
20's for Lee Brown with One Lime Street and Stephen Thorpe with 'Solarized Interchange'.

Results 2015

We (WPS) won by 9 points
Wycombe 151
St Albans 142
New City 141
XRR 141
20's for Jan Harris with Shelter, Lee Brown with Sandwich Tern With Filling, Pat Begley with Geyser Mist
Best Print went to David Harris with Winter Trees

Results 2014

New City 243
Watford 241
Wycombe 240
20's for Lee Brown with Young Kudu, Going Fishing" and Jan Harris with Early Rising

Results 2013

We (WPS) won by 7 points
Joint winners of the Best Print: Peter Davis with Fork and Robert Lewis with Attitude at Notting Hill
Highly Commended - David Harris with Dreaming of Childhood
Mark Page and Pat Begley received 19 for 'Bill Bat' and A Clump of Trees

Results 2012

We (WPS) won with 137 points
XRR 2nd with 136
Watford 3rd with 132