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Results 2020/2021

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 211 182 172 565
Field End 211 180 174 565
Hemel Hemptead 187 169 169 525

Round 1:- Congratulations: 20 and a star to Teresa Hehir for 'Green Backed Heron' .

Round 2:- Congratulations: 20 and a star to Teresa Hehir and to Allan Marshall.

Results 2019/2020

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe226 179 176 582
Watford 225182 188 595
Croxley 214 173 164 551

Round 1:- Congratulations: 20 and a star to Jan Harris for 'Dune Impression' and David Harris for 'Where's The Exit' and 20 to Teresa Hehir for 'Past The House' and Hilary Pickersgill for 'Going Up, Coming Down'.

Rouns 2:- Congratulations to Teresa Hehir who scored 20 for 'Black Crake', Steve Newbold who scored 20 for 'Making a New Dynasty, Masai Mara'. Both images were starred, and so will be entered in the 'Best PDI' section of the Final in February.
Congratulations to Allan Marshall who score 19 with 'The Stairs and Me', and Jan Harris who scored 20 with 'Passing in the Mist'. Unfortunately neither of these images were starred.

Congratulations to Teresa Hehir, her print "AFRICAN JACANA" was given 20 and a star. Congratulations to Steve Newbold, his PDI was given 20 and a star.       

Our interest in the NW Fed is still very much alive. Two of our prints were starred and four of our PDI's. These are judged for an individual award at the NW Fed Final which takes place at Amersham on Saturday 22nd February 2020.


Results 2018/2019

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 215 181 188 584
XRR 211 171 175 557
Pinner 209 173 172 554

Congratulations: 20 and a star to Jan Harris for 'ABBEY RAIDER, David Harris for 'GONE TO SEED', Paul Day for 'PADDYFIEKD WARBLER' and Claire Williams for 'PUSHING BOUNDARIS'(R2)

Semi Final: came second. Harrow won by four and a half marks. They now meet Field End in the Final.
Despite our disappointment WPS can be proud of its performance in the semi-final.
In the first half the prints were judged.
Hilary Pickersgill scored 20 for her, 'ROUNDWAY TREES', Congratulations!
Allan Marshall's, 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE' scored 19,
Jan Harris's 'MISTY CALM' and 'ABBEY RAIDER' both scored 18 and 'GONE TO SEED' by David Harris and 'RED EYED TREE FROG AND WATER DROPS' by Teresa Hehir all scored 18. Congratulations to them all.

The PDI's were judged after the break.

Paul Day scored 20 for his 'PADDYFIELD WARBLER'. Congratulations! David Harris's 'GODAFOSS IN WINTER' scored 19 and there were two 18's: 'KESTREL' by Carole Palmer and 'PUSHING BOUNDARIES' by Claire Williams. Congratulations!

Our interest in the Final is still very much alive. We have SEVEN starred images from the earlier rounds. Congratulations to those authors. These are judged for the individual awards.



Results 2017/2018

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 201 181 185 567
Amersham 213 184 180 577
Hemel Hempstead 207 175 177 559

Congratulations to

Allan Marshall 20 for' Poppy' (R1)

Steve Newbold 20 and a star for 'Leopard's Snarl' (R1), 'The Lion Cub's Lesson' (R3)

Jan Harris 20 and stars for 'On The Beach' (R2), 'Callanish Dawn (R3)



Results 2016/2017

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 214185187586
Harrow 220 190179589
Park Street206182185573

Congratulations to

David Harris 20 and stars for 'Skagsanden Auora' (R1), 'Into the Dunes' (R2), 'Morning Rower' (R3), 'Island Living' (R3)

Jan Harris 20 and stars for 'Pett Level Sunrise' (R1), 'Emerald Pool' (R3)

Steve Newbold 20 for 'Memories Of Past Days (R3)


Results 2015/2016

On 20th February 20146 we took part in the Final of the North West Federation of Camera Clubs Competition, against Field End PS. It was very close in the Projected Image Section, and at half time we led by 1/2 a point - 163.5 points to Field End's 163.

We knew the Print Section would be tough because Field End had a lot of very creative prints, and they beat Amersham in the semi-final by 10 points. The score in the prints was Wycombe 166, Field End 171; we therefore lost by 4.5 points overall.

We can be proud to have reached the Finals, and Field End were deserving winners.

We can also be proud that we had 4 starred projected images in the competition - Teresa Hehir's 'Mountain Lion', David Harris's 'Giants Above', Jan Harris's 'Winter Rorbuer', and Lee Brown's 'Sand Eel For Supper - Again'.

Lee Brown's 'Sand Eel For Supper - Again' was Highly Comended in the Best Projected Image section, and 'Mountain Lion' and 'Giants Above' were both held for consideration.

We had two starred prints in the competition - David Harris's 'Winter Trees' and 'Morning Stillness'. 'Morning Stillness' was considered in the Best Print section, but did not receive an award. '

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 216182183581
Pinner 212 174182568
Chesham 211168170549

Congratulations to

David Harris 'Giants Above' 20 and a star, 'Winter Trees' 20 and a star, 'Morning Stillness' 20 and a star, 'Boats in the Mist' 20

Teresa Hehir 'Lions Mating' 20, Teresa Hehir 'Portrait of an Eagle' 20, 'Mountain Lion' 20 and a star

Lee Brown 'Sand Eel for Supper - Again' 20 and a star

Jan Harris 'Winter Rorbuer' 20 and a star

Results 2014/2015

ClubRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Wycombe 214174179567
Field End 217 165170552
Hemel Hempstead 213174184571

Congratulations to

Julie Wicks 'Bee Eating Feeding' 20 and a star

Jan Harris 'Buckled Ice' 20

Teresa Hehir 'Cheetah Family' 20

Jan Harris 'Callanish Sunset' 20

Steve Newbold 'Giraffe Silhouette' 20

David Harris 'Golden Seas' 20

David Harris 'Catching the Light' 20

Results 2013/2014

Results on the N W Fed website

The Final was held on Saturday 22nd February 2014 at Amersham (hosted by Harrow CC). Thirty-two years of hurt...Are over! The last time Wycombe won the North West Fed Final was in 1982. Today the scores were: Ealing & Hampshire House 306.5 Wycombe 330 So we won by a good margin; keep up the good work everyone!

Our Prints scoring 20 thoughout the competition:

Young Kudu by Lee Brown

Going Fishing by Lee Brown

Galapagos Hawk by Teresa Hehir

Sunshine and Shower by Jan Harris

Ripples and Calm by Jan Harris

Colorado Pool by Pat Begley

Eastbourne Pier by Alan Marshall

Crooked Cattage by David Harris

Our PDIs scoring 20 throughout the competition:

Attitude by Robert Lewis

Early Rising by Jan Harris

Druidston Pool by Jan Harris

Sea Turtle coming up for air by Teresa Hehir

Geothermal Line by David Harris

Cheetah and Gazelle by Teresa Hehir

Results 2012/2013

The Final was held on Saturday 23rd February 2013 at Amersham (hosted by Harrow CC). We have 4 starred prints and 3 starred PDIs which were entered in the Best Print and Best PDI competitions at the Finals.

Our Starred Prints were:

Elk Crossing by Pat Begley

Architectural Fancy by David Harris

Kew at The Nags by Mark Page - Highly Commended

A Clump of Trees by Pat Begley

Our starred PDIs were:

Flyover by David Harris - Highly Commended

Return To The Deep by Robert Lewis

Golden Arc by David Harris