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A page for regular visitors to see what has changed between visits.

Only significant changes are listed here.

Date Changes
20th January 2021 Programme - Revised and updated
26th November 2020 Results Internal Projected League after Round 2
16th October 2020 Results Rosebowl Round 1
16th October 2020 Results NWF Round 1
16th October 2020 Results Projected Image League Round 1
30th September 2020 Results Internal Projected League after Round 1
11th June 2020 Annual Competition (Projected Images)
28th May 2020 Results Internal Projected League
3rd May 2020 Link to very old pictures of the Camera Club added
15th April 2020 Results Rosebowl Final
3rd April 2020 Changes made to programme
28th March 2020 Angus Williamson updated his Gallery with 10 new images
20th November 2019 Questions and Answers added
3rd October 2019 Results Internal Print League after Round 1
April 2019 Annual Exhibition
16th April 2019 Results Rosebowl Final
1st December 2018 Honorary Members added to website
29th October 2018 Additions to Techniques and Tips
1st August 2018 Lee Brown has updated his Gallery
27th July 2018 PAGB Inter-Club Projected Images added
1st July 2018 6 new images in Former Members Gallery
3rd April 2018 Information on Entering Competitions
28th June 2017 Reading List section added
25th October 2016 What Judges look for
29 January 2016 Details of Trophies and winners added
2nd April 2014 Amended rules added
29 November 2013 'First 40 Years' and 'Golden Jubilee' booklets added
29 October 2013 Photographs of the 75th Anniversary Dinner
6th April 2013 2 images added to former members gallery
6th February 2013 Instructions and rules added to internal competitions
1st February 2013 Launch of new website